In the long course of development, and through persistent pursuit and creation, Zhejiang Textile Group formed its own corporate culture,which reflects Zhejiang Textile Group's corporate values, entrepreneurial spirit and culture.Every employee in the group has a profound understanding of corporate culture,and shows progressive confidence, which plays a very important role in the process of healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.

    People-oriented culture is the cornerstone of Zhejiang Textile Group.By stressing the dominant position of people,to reflect the value of employees with respecting people,caring people and shaping people.The formation of Zhejiang Textile Group’s core values is of the clear “business objectives,philosophy,operating principles, the spirirt of enterprise”.Zhejiang Group Textile train employees for moral and behavioral norms.Employees in the company have a strong sense of identity and a sense of belonging, encouraging all employees to continue to forge ahead with determination and confidence.The corporate culture is a strong guarantee to attract talent, to stress talent, and to enhance the group’s cohesion.Also it improves the company’s overall competitiveness.The corporate culture is the essence of the Group’s  long-term sustainable and stable development.




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